Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Santa Cruz Kayak Surf Festival

Although technically I didn't have a booth at the event this year as it was Valley's booth and thus Rob Avery's gig, I helped him out a little. It did allow me to focus on the surfing for a change and this was a big factor in me reaching the finals of the Men's HP where I was beaten into third by Chris Harvey who took the title for the second year running and Galen Licht who is studying at UC Santa Cruz and was surfing brilliantly.

So I can't say I was too disappointed; I have never reached the finals at Santa Cruz before and just to make it through to the Sunday is always tough due to the level of competition at this event. This year it was made especially hard because the waves were tiny until the tide dropped on Sunday. But the swell did finally arrive and we had pretty much perfect conditions for the semi-final and final some high wave scores and just three points separating the top three, making it an exciting finish to this world class event.

(photo courtesy of Mickey Stowell)

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