Wednesday, May 20, 2009

From Valley to P&H

Due to my desire to spend less time on the road and more time with my growing family I resigned from my position with Valley Sea Kayaks in December 2008. It was a difficult decision on several levels: Valley have been very supportive, they have invested a lot of money in the business on the west coast and I consider the owners personal friends, and I would miss the money! But I felt I had to do what was right, not just for me and my family but for Valley as well.

Rob Avery (Kayak Kraft) had been working for me for the last couple of years on a casual basis and he had expressed an interest in taking on the whole west coast. His kids have left home and thus he has more time than me to put into what is a very demanding role. I believe he will do a great job for Valley and we will continue to work together to ensure that the Valley dealers in California do not suffer as a result of me leaving.

In March 2009 I joined the esteemed ranks of Team P&H.

A British sea kayak manufacturer, P&H have been building custom sea kayaks since the early 70’s. They are part of the Pyranha company which includes the famous whitewater range of kayaks as well as Venture touring & recreational kayaks and FeelFree recreational kayaks & sit-on-tops. Whilst I am a team paddler and not a sales rep for Pyranha, I will be helping the west coast rep, Jamie Klein who is based in the Pacific Northwest by keeping a selection of kayaks down here in the Bay Area of CA and taking them to various events.

I am really excited to be working with P&H. The build quality of their kayaks is unsurpassed and they have some great designs. I hope to contribute as much as I can to developing new products and growing the business on the west coast and around the world.

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