Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Full Swing!

So the demo season is in full swing. It started with the SW Kayak Symposium in San Diego hosted by Jen Kleck and the team at Aqua Adventures. It was a good omen for the season with great weather, a good turn-out and a real buzz at the event.

I had my Kokatat booth set up along with some demo Pyranha, P&H sea kayaks and Feel Free recreational kayaks. I was pleased with the response that I was getting from these boats and I am excited at the potential for the Pyranha range in California.

The Reno River Festival earlier this month was the busiest event I have ever done. They reckoned approximately 40K attended the 3day event. Even if only 10% of those are ever likely to sit in a kayak it is still an optimistic sign that perhaps this season is not going to be as tough as we had feared!

On my way up to Reno I gave a slide show presentation at Feather River College in Quincy. What a cool place. I wish I'd had the opportunity to go somehwere like that when I was a student. I might have actually graduated! Jared Licht is a student there and he went out of his way to include me on three whitewater river runs: Virgilia on the middle arm of the North Fork of the Feather River, Indian Creek, and Pauley Creek.

Me shooting Indian Falls, Indian Creek, Feather River drainage, NorCal in the Pyranha Karnali. My first ever waterfall!

Jared styling it in the

These are all solid Class 4 runs, especially with the good flows we are having just now and it was great to be back on some whitewater again. I used Pyranha's new creek boat, the Karnali which is slightly longer than the Burn and super forgiving. I loved the comfort of the Connect 30 seat and outfitting. Jared used Pyranha's new which is a classic river/play boat and he was loving the way it surfed. I could tell he was having fun in it because he was boofing off every rock on the river!

It was the perfect antidote for me as a temporarily land-locked sea boater. Thanks Jared!

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