Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Arrived at Ucluelet

     I spoke to Sean this evening, and he has arrived at Ucluelet.  To be honest, he sounded exhausted.  He has been fighting headwinds pretty much his whole trip.  The water has been very choppy.  There has not been much swell or dangerous waves breaking over him.  Just constant chop and wind.
     With that said...  He went into town today to an internet cafe to look up the weather.  Tomorrow and the next are expected gale force winds in a Southeasterly direction.  This is not favorable.  He plans to get though the next big crossing by sneaking in between the small islands and sheltering himself from the wind.  
     With that said, I felt like telling him to abort the trip, but could not allow those words to escape.  When you love someone and feel like they are "unhappy," or could be physically drained...  You want to embrace them and be close bye.  
     I held back any words of ending the trip and later Sean thanked me for that.  He thanked me for my support and says that "this will carry him through the rest of his journey."
     Sean plans to paddle really hard the next two days through the gale force winds and making Victoria by Sunday.  We are nearly a third of the way done with his trip.  He is still on track of his route plan even though he has setbacks with the weather.
     Keep your head high Mr. Morley!!!


grammygal said...

Hey Sean & Gina,
You are both so special to us and to each other! It makes a mom proud!!! Sean you are in our thoughts as you brave these seas and we look forward to seeing your successful progress.

Joshua Teitelbaum said...

Sean dude! Go for it! We're keeping our fingers crossed here at Terra Santa in Israel. See you once again in the spring. Josh

Jameson said...

Sean-We are pulling for you--hopefully with the change in weather, ie rain that will calm the winds! Hang in there with the rainy weather you are now in for the next week or so! It has been terribly windy the last few days and we were just hoping it was at Sean's back! Gina-he didn't happen to run into Willie who was at worlds from Canada? He lives in Ucluelet? Good Luck--stay warm.
Jameson & Christina

Saltman said...

Keep it up Sean. The folks at Alder Creek kayak and Canoe wish you the best. Finishing the race is sometimes more important.