Monday, October 6, 2008

Around Victoria

Hi Folks,
     First of all...  I would like to thank all of you who have emailed me in support of the venture.  Believe it or not...  I have even gotten some atta' boys for holding down the fort and supporting Sean.  It has been hard!  Some days pass quicker than others!  I am just glad that 
Sean has gotten around Victoria safely and there is an end to this outrageous trip sooner than we might think.  
     As you know, Sean took a layover day in Uculeut when there were fierce winds and minimal visibility.  The next day, the winds dropped and he departed for Port Renfry.  I think the thought of turning around or aborting the trip were still in his mind, but he persisted and went with his instinct and (VHF radio) that stated better weather.
     With the wind at his back, he got to Victoria pretty quick.  I think he was a day early than had predicted.  Awaiting him in Victoria (I believe in a sea kayak) was a friend of a friend of his.  This kind man took him in for the night at his house.  Sean phoned me from the strange area code to let me know that he was okay.  He was charging his cell phone among other things...
It looks like (as of 10 mins ago.) he has made it South of Nainamo and camping out for the night.
     Again...  Thanks for your emails, phone calls, questions, and support.  They are immensely appreciated.  
     gina and shea bella


grammygal said...

WAY TO GO Sean---you are making very good progress I see. We are cheering you on from our comfortable recliners!! Good job Gina on your reporting.

Corinne Kane said...

Things are looking much more promising. Looks like your husband should be home sooner than you thought. We'll keep watching!

Nikki said...

Hi Gina, Nikki here. You hangin in there?! I was in Ucluelet on the 3rd and 4th and was sad I could not connect with Sean. I text him to see if we could connect in Victoria but alas we never did. I was happy to hear that he made it safely to Victoria. I was out on the water in Ucluelet on the 4th and on the "inside" winds were roaring at 25 knots and gusting up to 30. I will continue to follow the blog, IF you remember - tell him hi and I am sending him lots of positive thoughts and prayers for a safe and fun journey. Looking forward to hopefully seeing you and Shea Bella in the Spring when I am back in California for work.

Anonymous said...

We found out about Sean's trip 3 days ago and have been watching his progress daily - what an inspiration!

Way to go! We are with you in spirit!