Thursday, September 25, 2008

Sean Departs Port Hardy on 9/24

Hi Folks,
     I am Gina, Sean's wife.  He has given me the task of keeping folk posted on his journey.  I am happy to do so in between work and taking care of our daughter.
Sean departed Port Hardy on 9/24 in the afternoon.  He was reluctant to do so because of some gail force winds, but the weather was clearing and he was eager to get his first two strokes in the water.  
     He is using his Nordcap LV instead of the Rapier 18 by Valley SeaKayaks. He performed a test run in the Rapier in the morning, but felt because of the stormy conditions he will be more stable in the LV.  
     I have been receiving squawk's from his GPS system.  He will squawk me upon arrival to a new destination and in the morning before he departs.  It seems to be working so far.  His first camp out was successful and I will update you all as soon as he makes it around the Northwest corner of VI.
     Cheers for now!!!
     Go Sean!!!  
     Our daughter Shea Bella can now say "Dada Kayak!"  She is 17 months old.


grammygal said...

Go Go Sean,
So happy you got started on your V.I. venture and we wish you much success and a safe journey! We will be watching your progress and thank you Gina for the updates.

Much love,
Carolyn & Fred from Oregon

Corinne Kane said...

Thanks for the updates sista! We will be keeping track of that hubby of yours. Love ya!