Thursday, January 24, 2008

Gath Helmets

River and Ocean are delighted to announce that we will be representing GATH headgear on the west coast.

Whether you are surf kayaking, sea kayaking or river boating it makes sense to wrap your head in a layer of defense. GATH headgear is made from the latest high-tech, shatterproof plastics and provides a super lightweight, snug-fitting, layer of defense against superficial head injury, cuts, bumps and abrasions. GATH also helps minimize the painful physical side effects caused by the sun (deadly skin cancers and eye damage), wind chill (chronic ear ache, surfers' ear), salt water spray (sore eyes), and pressure-induced ear injury (perforated ear drums).

  • GATH is a top choice of police, fire, lifeguard and (water) rescue services.

  • Gath enjoys a dominant market share in the surf scene.

  • Gath is the top choice in kite boarding and windsurfing.

  • Gath is a top choice for surf kayakers.

  • Gath has been selected for use by Olympic white water slalom teams.

  • Gath is growing in slalom (water) skiing, wakeboarding and barefoot skiing.

  • Gath is being discovered by PWC riders, including rescue services and freestyle competitors.

  • Other uses: sailing, cave divers, shark feeders, body surfers.

  • Modified Gath with “warm and fuzzy” liners and outside goggle retainers are being used by skiers, snowboarders and sky divers.

You can download a pdf of the full range of GATH Headgear at our website

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