Wednesday, July 21, 2010

End of an Era - Start of a New One!

The lack of posts might give you some idea of how busy life has been since Kai was born in September last year. Well I have finally submitted to the inevitable and decided to finish working as a sales rep. The only way to make money as an independent sales rep is by spending time on the road and that just isn't possible with two young children.

So at the end of July I will no longer be a sales rep and will instead be focussing my attention back on my family and developing the instruction and guiding services side of my business. To that end, Bryant Burkhardt has joined the River and Ocean team and he will be developing the whitewater side of the business next summer as well as helping me take the sea kayak instruction to the next level.

I will remain as a Team Paddler for P&H and Kokatat and will continue to be part of the team that includes Matt Palmariello that organises the Golden Gate Sea Kayak Symposium.

So whilst I might spend less time behind the wheel in the future, I hope to spend more time on the water and more time with the kids.


Geoff said...

Congratulations on the change. i wish you the best. If you'd ever be interested in setting up some clinics in Southern California, I'd be happy to help.

Hope to see you soon. I've been training for Ventura!


PeterD said...

Congrads. You an Bryant will make a great team.

With Edgar out for an extended time, there is a gap at Aquan for higher level classes. Maybe they can be an early customer for you?