Monday, December 21, 2009

Happy Holidays!

Sorry about the lack of posts recently. Anybody who dares suggest that having kids shouldn't change your life needs to spend sometime in my shoes! Whilst I wouldn't change anything about my life as it is right now, I will admit that it is incredibly challenging trying to find a balance between family, work and play. Play time simply doesn't exist at the moment and the only time I get to paddle is when I am 'working' (a very misleading description).

I did manage to get some nice waves at the NorCal Classic at Davenport in October competing in my new Murky Waters kayak, the Aqua Libre.

Last weekend I finally got certified to teach sea kayaking! Whilst I have been teaching many disciplines of paddlesport for years I have never had a formal instructor qualification in sea kayaking - until now.
Despite a wet and windy three days, I had a great time doing my Open Water Instructor Certification with Instructor Trainers Marce Wise and Bryant Burkhardt and the other candidates. Thanks guys!
I have enjoyed going through the American Canoe Association Instructor Development program and recommend it to anyone. I found it much more accessible than the British Canoe Union program which requires so many hoops to be jumped through it puts many folk off even trying. There are those that argue that the BCU program goes into much more depth on how to teach but I found the ACA program perfectly adequate. I look forward to doing the whitewater instructor certification next year. I will be offering ACA Open Water and Surf Kayak courses in 2010 in the Bay Area as well as freelancing with other kayaking schools. Please contact me for further details or keep an eye on my website:
2009 has been a tough year on many levels for a lot of folk working in the paddlesports industry. It has very much been a case of survival of the fittest and whilst several manufacturers and retailers have gone out of business I am pleased to say that all the companies I represent and the majority of the shops that I work with have survived. We can only hope that the economy will continue to recover in 2010 and I wish everyone a happy, peaceful and prosperous New Year.
Please add this New Year's resolution to your list: Support my local specialist paddlesports retailer!

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