Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Update on the Rush 7' 2" and Nemesis

Jared and I got to test the new Rush 7' 2" last week before the SCKSF. It is a pocket rocket! The conditions weren't that great at Davenport but I still managed to pop a couple of small aerials. It bottom turns much faster than the Rush but lacks the down the line speed. If you surf steep waves and like going airborne then this is the boat for you. Despite its short length it has plenty of volume in the back end and more in the rails than the Rush so I would have thought it will float someone up to 200lbs fairly well. I will post some photos of it in action as soon as I can.

One of the hot juniors, Alexander Stubbs will be testing one on the East Coast US and I have one on the west so if you fancy giving it a try just let me know.
We have some more work to do on the Nemesis International Class design now that the World Surf Kayak Association has published the new rules. Standby for a radical new design and a finned High Performance version.

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