Thursday, February 28, 2008

Top Secret!

These are the first pictures of the new "Rush 7'2". It's the one in grey.

Designed by Peter Orton this is how he describes it:

"Based heavily on the Rush we have reduced the length by approximately 4-5"
(about 10-12.5cm), 80% of this coming off the rear end. Rocker has been increased slightly, again especially at the rear. Although the back has been shortened, rear volume is about the same due to an increase in the size of the buoyancy bulge. What are we trying to achieve? Because of the high inherent speed of the Rush we wanted to see what we got by sacrificing a little in return for a looser feel and quicker direction changes. Probably at its best on steep fast breaks but time will tell! We don't really see this as a replacement for the regular Rush, more a choice for those who like a looser feel or paddle steeper breaks."

We should have the first prototype at the Santa Cruz Kayak Surf Festival in two weeks time along with the new IC boat, the Nemesis and the rest of Valley's surf kayak line up. The word is that some of the world's top wave skiers will be at the event including World Champion Mathieu Barbarit! There may be a special 'surf off' heat with two top surf kayakers against two wave skiers and a stand up paddle surfer which would be very cool. Let's hope we get some waves but perhaps not as big as this one which was definitely the biggest wave of my life at Steamers Lane on 'Big Tuesday' last December.

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